Requiem For A Dream Film Analysis

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ʻRequiem for a Dream (2001) was directed by Darren Aronofskyʼs. The film depicts a world of reckless addiction, and the subsequent desperation and prison which all the characters are faced with, following their crippling addictions- be it heroin, or disguised amphetamine diet pills. The narrative is constructed over three seasons, utilized in order to show the progressive nature of addiction, and to mark its temporal progress. Each character delves into the dark world of addiction; Harry, Tyrone and Marion are addicted to heroin, and initially hope to start a business- Tyrone in particular wishing to escape life on the street. Sara Goldfarb (Harryʼs mother), becomes addicted to amphetamine ʻuppersʼ and ʻdownersʼ, in a desperate bid to lose weight and appear on television, in and of itself another form of addiction. The charactersʼ combined dreams and aspirations are often construed as a reference to the American dream- eventually portrayed by the film to be something unattainable. The sequence which I will be analyzing is one of the later sequences of the film, in which a phase of drama and narrative climax bring the visceral experience to a sour conclusion. I will be focusing on the use of cinematography, editing and sound, and how these elements construct meaning. Addiction is a Social phenomenon and starts to Spread in our society in a very quick time.

The montage sequence opens with a white blur onto the brilliantly lit dock setting which is every now and again utilized
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