Rescue Dawn Film Analysis

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Rescue Dawn is a good film; it displays the events around the Vietnam War and how it affected American and Vietnamese individuals. This film is very crucial in understanding many circumstances between the United States, Vietnam and Asia. The main character, Dieter Dengler was involved in a classified mission to fly over Laos and bomb certain sites there. When he bombs an area it backfires and it damages his plane. As a result, he crashes, but does survive and escapes from the crash site. He was found in the jungle and became lost; he then was seen by some indigenous individuals, yet flees and hides. Dengler was later discovered and underwent much abuse and torture. This period was seen as one of the darkest times for Dengler, but…show more content…
Laotians were fighting against the Americans and resisting them. They feared the unknown. This reason was most likely why the villagers attempted to attack Dengler and ended up killing Duane.
Even though these events did not occur in Vietnam, Laos was a neighboring country.
President Dwight D. Eisenhower was concerned with Laos before leaving office, since he knew there was a revolt that was occurring there. Laos was in the United States radar prior, since the
United States was trying to contain communism in Asia and in the entire sphere.
Later, the United States escalated its involvement in Laos. The United States entered a
“Secret War”, which was against a communist insurgency group called Pathet Lao in Laos.
President Lyndon B. Johnson had started an involvement in Laos and through 1964-1969; the
United States had released one hundred fifty thousand tons of bombs in Pathet Lao territories.
President Nixon’s policies were very contradicting, by implementing the
“Vietnamization” the United States was in reality expanding the war more by invading and
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