Research Essay: Causes Of Stress In Children

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Stress is the state of an emotional, physical, and mental response of a person due to adverse circumstances in a particular stimulus. It differs from one person to another. It depends on the personality and age of a person. It is worth noting that people tend to experience danger either in real life or imaginations. Hence, stress comes when the body tries to respond to such threats. However, causes of stress are either due to good or bad experience. In addition, different studies show that stress can either be healthy or unhealthy to an individual depending on its type.
Causes of Stress
Notably, people of all ages experience stress. That is school children, working adults and the elderly as well. However, depending on the age bracket, there are different stress triggers. For instance, a school going child may
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Apparently, every person has techniques to enable him or her to solve the stressful situations they experience. Some methods are used to manage the children stresses. For instance, a parent should spend more time with the kid to show that he or she cares (Lupien 443). Besides that, parents should talk to the children so that they are aware what causes their stress. After that, the parent knows how to deal with the child. One might decide to give constant encouragement to strengthen the child’s self-confidence. In spite of that, adults too have ways to tackle their stress. First of all, one should find new ways of thinking which enable them to stay away from things they cannot change. Moreover, a person can try relaxing the body when stressed by engaging in activities such as massage, yoga, and Tai chi (Michie 70). Interestingly, research shows that laughter is the best medicine. Hence, a person can meditate, see the humour in life and laugh a lot. It tends to relieve a lot of

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