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Hydrologic cycle refers to the distribution, origin and properties of water. This process is always associated with the water cycle. Water cycle has no beginning and end. It is a continuous process of the movement of water. This complex cycle involves water passing from gas in the form of atmosphere to liquid and to solid which is seen in the form of glacier. Water cycle involves the use and exchange of energy leading to the change of temperature which is integrated in the movement of water between the spheres of the Earth. Earth stores water in their natural reservoir such as oceans, lakes, rivers and groundwater. As the Sun heats bodies of water in seas and oceans, it drives the water cycle. The Sun causes the water to evaporate in the form of vapor in the atmosphere. Rain and snow directly sublimate into vapor. Plants and soil on the other hand transpire water through evapotranspiration. As…show more content…
Mechanical erosion of rock material that is carried within wind, water, wind and ices is known as corrosion. The significant factor in erosion is transport which carries debris. Without transport, these materials can accumulate and form. Methods of transport by movements include air, water, ice and force of gravity. Water erosion or flowing water continuously shape and reshape landscape of the land. The property of water to lift and transport loose rock fragments can wear rocks by acting abrasively in other rocks. Water can even dissolve minerals present in soil and carry it downstream before deposition. Rainwater falls on slopes runs on downhill creates cut small channels known as rills. Rills when deepen further form gullies end soon join rivers and streams. River an erosive agent carves canyons and valleys. Waves create in sea water is a powerful agent in reshaping and creating dramatic rock formation such as the Bay of Fundy in

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