Argumentative Essay About Grades

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Have you ever wondered how grades actually do help students throughout their career in school? Yes, many do believe grades do not help, can cause stress to students overall making them perform at a lesser level and sometimes some believe that school isn’t even needed at all in a child’s life. Grades can affect a student’s learning and constant low grades can bring them down and their mindset of just being a below average student. However, grades do help students by showing the student’s progress in school whether they are doing good or bad and grades give a goal to get a better grade by trying harder to get that grade a student wants. First, grades show progress to everyone besides just the student. These grades can show parents, teachers, and future scholarships how a student progresses through school or a single class. An everyday student is in school for about 12-20 years, so progress can be shown in the widespread of time showing grades going up, down, or staying the same. Also, show if a student is exceeding in one subject over the rest or failing a certain subject, but passing the rest. Students can follow a GPA…show more content…
In this case, progress and goals can be set from grades to reflect and analyze how someone is doing as a student in the school system no matter where they attend that uses grades. By all means, grades will always be required and used without them school systems would fail and would probably cause more laws lifting the restrictions of school making it okay to remove students from a school as long as they have basic knowledge and skills to work a full time job five days a week instead of a gradeless pointless schooling system that requires five days a week. Therefore, progress and goals are main key points of grades in today’s world for every student and to ask, how would you change or remove grades for your future child or relative attending school and
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