Research Essay: Why People Contradict Prerequisite Class?

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When dealing with my topic on, why people contradict prerequisite classes, depending on your opinion there could be different causes of this phenomenon. The cause of the economy is one cause many people blame for the reason of these required classes. When the educational board assigns these extra classes for all undergraduate college students to take that increases the amount of tuition and books each person will need to spend. A "money grab" is what some people consider the reason for these required classes, and in a way, I agree. To convince me that these prerequisite classes are essential for me to succeed, I am going to need a better reason than we will be unprepared without them. This is not a good enough reason, because the majority of these classes have been accomplished by these students at the high school level. Many of the students going through this phenomenon all have the same state of mind. We all just want to get through these required classes as quickly as possible. We believe that they are just a waste of our time and money, when we could be putting more of our energy into more classes geared specifically for our major we chose. We feel a need for a change. Because of this…show more content…
The major effect of this phenomenon is the emotions students feel. We may not have the choice to decide what classes we are able to take, but we do have the choice to decide how to manage our time. When we are taking these required classes, the amount of energy we are willing to put into our assignment are low. Compared to when we are taking a major related class, these prerequisite classes are not a priority. This affect doesn't only concern the students themselves, but also the teachers. Most of the teachers know how students feel about these required classes, which also discourages them. These teachers also have a curriculum to go by, so even if they agree with our statements, there is not much they can

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