Research Methodology Advantages And Disadvantages

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Research methodology refers to the design of the study method and processes by which data is gathered for a research project. It includes the blueprint for the collection, measurement, and analysis of data to achieve the objectives of a research project. Research methodology is important in a research work because it specifies the research design. Here the researcher explicitly defines the operational definitions of the concepts used in the research and defines the variables that have been included in the study. Finally, the chapter examines the different statistical tests used to analyse the gathered data, the reliability, and the validity of the results as well as the limitations in the collection of the data This section describes in detail the research problem, the scope of the research, the objectives that are expected to be achieved through this study and its limitations. This study does not follow the conventional research methodology. The The existing CLV models for the e-commerce industry are NBD-Pareto Model, RFM model and Markov Chain Monte Carlo Model. Each model has its own way of approaching the CLV measurements and has its own advantages and disadvantages. 3.2 STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM To test the validity of the RFM model and the NBD Pareto model in a non-contractual e-commerce scenario using e-commerce transaction data. 3.3 OPERATIONAL DEFINITIONS OF THE VARIABLE UNDER INVESTIGATION CUSTOMER LIFETIME VALUE The present value of all future profits
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