Research Methodology In Amway

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Research methodology is a process that is use for collecting information and data for making decisions in the business. The methodology also include surveys , interviews , publication research and also includes the historical and present information. The research methodology enabled the effort of team to organize into generation of product idea. A good research methodology helps in trying to find new ideas for the company. For a new idea or introduction of new product in the market research methodology plays a crucial role in it. It is also known as the systematic approach use to achieve the pre-determined targets or objectives. It is very helpful for the researcher as it guide in course of research work. Due to the techniques and rules of…show more content…
The competition between them is very high as the size of market is large and product are diversified in various numbers. Some of the companies are successful and some are not due to the less sales or any other reasons. So one attempt is taken to study the customer satisfaction towards the amway company. Since amway is a retail company so the main motive is to satisfy the customers, customers should not face the issues or the problem with the company. In todays world If a company wants to exist in the market then that company have to retain its customers. Customers are made easily but to retain them is a difficult part. Customers can be retained by solving the customer problem, giving correct information of the products and providing good quality products. So this research is based on customer satisfaction and relation with them. For increasing the Satisfaction and relationship level with customers amway have decided to open various new outlets or the experience stores in various cities. • Objectives and scope of the study- Objectives  To know the awareness level of customers towards amway products.  To study about the satisfaction level of…show more content…
Now comes the research used in the study, In this project descriptive research design is used. descriptive research study is based on some previous understanding the topic. This study will ensure the maximization of realibility of data collected. This study help to study about the satisfaction of the customers towards the products of amway. It also tells what more further steps can company take for more satisfaction of the customers, in todays worlds if a company want to survive in the market, then the customers should be satisfied. the company whose customers are not satisfied cannot exist in the market. • Data collection method – Various methods of data collection are employed by social scientist. There are basically two types of collection of the data i.e primary data and the secondary data. For every research data is required and that data is collected either by primary data or the secondary data, explanation for these two data is as follows

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