Research Methodology In Sociology

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Chapter No. 3 RESEARCH METHODOLOGY In every discipline there are some techniques and methods that are used to collect the data. Like the other so many disciplines sociology has also advanced in its research methodology. For conducting the researches sociology uses its own different methods and techniques. For collecting the data and information regarding the topic researcher has used the scientific method. In the research methodology the researcher has used those techniques that are helpful in data collection, presentation, tabulation and analytical techniques to be used in the literature survey.
All the females of Multan Cantt and Multan City were universe/population.
Sample size
The researcher selected
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There are some of the important concepts that are used in the study and are conceptualize and operationalize:- Advertisement
• An advertisement is a paid announcement or a poster in the print media or electronic media which is designed to attract the attention of public.
• Advertising is a form of non personal communication in which information is provided about the products, services or ideas persuasively through various media channels by recognized sponsors. (Bovee, 1992).
The relevant definition of the concept used in the research defines advertisement. Advertisement is kind of notification given to the viewers by the advertisers. Through electronic or print media you can easily have the information about any product. Whenever you turn on the television you will see some products that are imposed on you with some assurance. This is called advertising. Your mind is controlled by these advertisements. Advertising is used to promote some products or services. It gives the companies a way to expose their products to the public and maximize their income. Without any advertisement not any company or the product can grow in this fast world of the
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So in advertisement marketers use different tactics and celebrity is one of them. Celebrity is a famous person that is well known by a great segment of the society and has the power to attract the audience. An advertisement should portray the truthful opinion, credence, honesty and experience of the celebrity. If the advertisement has the claim that celebrity uses it then that celebrity should be the bonafide customer. The advertisers believe that if a celebrity has a positive impact on the target audience, the brand will be in high demand. It has been found that celebrities can sometime become obligation for the product they
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