Research Methodology In Stress Management

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The section details the research methodology used to achieve the aim and objectives of the research on stress management at workplaces. Research methodology can be best described as the sum of the research approach, methods and procedures used by the researcher to execute the research study (Anderson, 2009). It comprises of collection of data, evaluation and scrutiny and deriving conclusions to attain the research objectives in the best possible way. A methodological approach ensures that the research takes a non-biased structure and is conclusive in nature. It also covers different aspects of the research, comprising of philosophy, approach, quantitative and qualitative handling of the data collected thereby and the corresponding research…show more content…
Therefore, the researcher uses it as the framework for the research methodology. Based on this framework, in order to make sure that the findings are accurate, a deductive approach is carried out. This implies the existing theories are utilized to help deduce solutions to the current problems or the research gaps identified in the literature review. Therefore, the focus of the research is not about proposing or forming new theories, but to extract the required solutions by either extending the current knowledge corpus to meet the objectives of the research or by refining the same through re- structuring the existing details to make it more suitable for the current research aim. In order to achieve this, a deductive approach will lead to more accurate findings than presenting new theories (Anderson, 2009). One of the primary reasons to rely on the existing findings or literature work on stress management so far is that there has been extensive research done clinically on this topic.
This research aims to establish the connection with the stress induced through the workplace. So, it is required to set the right perspective for the existing knowledge base. This approach focuses entirely on utilizing the available bank of knowledge to come up with conclusive
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Besides, the number of candidates chosen is also limited. To keep it precise and simple, the deductive approach is used. This will not set new theories or propositions, but it will definitely enhance the existing research work. This approach, however, fails to offer authenticity to the central problem of the research by limiting the sample to a single organization, thereby superseding the research progress. The verification of the data is developed on the grounds of substantiating data. Using of analytical tools and techniques is restricted in this method. In addition, another limitation of this research is that this research focuses on the data collection from a single organization only. However, the stress type and the causes of it can vary from an organization to another based on the nature of work, environment and the organizational culture. In addition, the response of the sample populace may differ for another sample within the same organization as well as across different
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