Methodology Of A Research Methodology Essay

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Research Methodology
This chapter will be based on the methodology used for carrying out this study. It will be answering the research questions in section 1. The research design will be presented as well as the research paradigm. The data collection tools will be studied and data analysis will be described. The reliability and validity of this study will also be described.


Research is often seen as something which is very intense and difficult to carry out . It is an approach which uses a set of techniques to investigates a particular topic .There are many way of carrying out research . The most effective method is to plan and approach the topic in a systematic way . Research involves thinking choices about approaches and
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· Other people outside from the population defined may answer the questionnaire thus providing biased information.
· Organization may be unwilling to provide proper time allocation due to overload of work.
· Respondents may feel that the information they need to provide are confidential thus they refuses to participate in filling questionnaires.
· Employee can alter their behavior due to the presence of the researcher.
Such limitations may have huge consequences as by the reduction of the sampling size, the true population will not be reflected thus making this study biased. If data provided are biased, the result obtain will be biased therefore altering the true result and the objectives of this study will not be met

.Validity and Reliability
Validation is an important cornerstone of research in social sciences, and is a symbol of research quality and rigor (Cook and Campbell 1979; Shadish 2002). Validity refers to the extent to which the research measure what it intend to measure. It is important for the quantitative research on internal

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