Research Methodology: Research Methodology

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Chapter 3
Research Methodology

This chapter shall specify the method of research used. It is composed of research design, research locale, selection of the study, research instrument, data gathering procedure and the analysis of the data.

Research design The purpose of the research design is to guarantee that the research problems will be answered clearly. (Monette et al. 2000, p.428) stated that the Qualitative research methods are interpretative and plan to make a depth of understanding. The foundations of these qualitative methods are on words, perceptions, feelings etc. instead of numbers they include experiments, interview, focus groups and questionnaires with open ended-questions. A qualitative research is a categorize vision,
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we will conduct an interview in Former Dentistry building, Where STEM Senior High School (SHS) students are located . and Faculty room for the 2 teachers that we 're about to interview.

Selection of the study The selection of four (4) male and one (1) female students aged from sixteen (16) and above. Also, two (2) teachers.

Sampling Procedure The goal of the research is to understand and describe students in depth, therefore, the researchers used homogenous sampling under purposive sampling techniques. This sampling procedure was used because all the members of the sample share a common trait according to the criteria of the research.
Research instrument
The following instruments were used by the researchers in gathering data
1.) Voice recorder that keeps all the information, proof and evidence of what the interviewee was saying.
2.) The approval letter was implemented in order to have permission to further explore their research in the premises.
3.) We use social media in order to take interviews and information from the students.
4.) The questionnaire is a survey question obtaining statistically useful or personal information, collecting facts or
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The structure of phenomena is the major finding of any descriptive phenomenological inquiry. This structure is based on the meanings that are present in the descriptions of the participants and determined both by analysis and also by insights (Anonymous, 2003).

The research is conducted to evaluate and understand the lived experiences of STEM students who failed in their subjects in University of the East, Recto Ave Manila. Based on the interviews that researchers conducted to around four (4) STEM students, their experiences were analyzed and appraised to understand and know more cause why students fail and determine the effects of their failure. Looking for the subject The first part of our research is finding possible subject.The researchers gathered significant information. We took notes of the relevant and credible ideas of our co-researchers. Our chosen topic was "The Lonely Summer of 69 (Lived experiences of students who got failing grade) the gathered subject was used for the next

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