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I like a lot of sports. I like football, baseball, soccer, basketball and bowling. Out of all these sports, my favorite sport is boxing. In this essay, I’m going to discuss the good and bad things about boxing and why it’s my favorite sport. I am going to also talk about my personal involvement in the sport. Finally I will finish by telling you my personal dreams to become a famous boxer. The best thing that I love about boxing is because it makes me build strong muscles and helps me improve my body movements. A lot of my work-outs are intense and insane, but, in a good way. I get a lot of cardio which is based on sit ups, push up, running laps, hitting the speed bag which works on eye coordination and hitting the bag based on power and speed. I have learned how to eat properly, too. The good…show more content…
My dad was always into the sport and so was my grandpa. I enrolled into boxing on May 8, 2004. It was right before my 9th birthday. I stayed in boxing until the age of 18. Those years were the most competitive in my life and they were the best years I have ever lived. I competed in the Golden Gloves Tournament in February, 2008, for the first time. I competed in that event until 2014. I’m continuing to train to this day and trying to get myself ready for more competitions. I need to get an agent who will make sure I get to fight in matches that will guarantee that I will be seen by the best boxing promoters. Overall, boxing is my all-time favorite because it taught me a lot of discipline and new fighting techniques. Hopefully, one day I will become successful and make something out of myself with the sport. From my grandpa to my dad, and now to me, it’s been in my family for generations. I plan to continue the tradition. Who knows? Someday my son or daughter will be blessed to train and become boxers, if that’s what they wish to do. But, I believe that only God knows what’s in store for me down the
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