Volleyball Reflective Essay

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Introduction and Goal: Volleyball became a worldwide sport in 1994 after being invented in 1895. Volleyball is team sport played with six players at a time from each team. I have been playing volleyball ever since I was in the 5th grade. Volleyball has been a very important aspect in my life because I look towards it as something I can turn to when I need to release frustration and escape reality for a little bit. I decided that i wanted to take the sport more seriously and play on a higher level. In order to really master the game you have to perfect certain volleyball moves depending on the position you play. The position that i play is a defensive specialist. A defensive specialist always plays backrow and most of the time gets the first…show more content…
My goal was challenging because it’s something that will have to be consistent with to achieve the goal. My goal was influenced by the amount of time that i put towards volleyball during practices and tournaments , so I wanted to do something that will help me improve quicker during practices and games. My Global Context is Identities and Relationships. I selected this global context because my project has to do with me working to improve my own skills to better myself in a sport.The relationship between my goal and my context because my global context includes my health, well-being, and being physical and my goal supports because it has to do with me being active. My prior knowledge comes from by background of playing this sport for a little over five years and having limites amount of knowledge about the positions and their roles from gym class. From my research I learned the significance of each position and why body form and perfect technique is important to the success of winning. My sources were websites, youtube videos, and coaching advice from my volleyball coach who is also a former Olympian,Keba Phipps. I know that my sources are credible because my online video sources contained examples from professionals with very detailed talk

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