Research Paper On A Doll's House By Henrik Ibsen

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Relating a current event to Henrik Ibsen 's A Doll’s House A Doll’s House is the story of a woman who has been infantilized by her husband. She eventually leaves him and his children. It is one of Henrik Ibsen’s most controversial books. It was written at a time when society believed that a woman’s place was at home and that her roles did not extend beyond housekeeping and raising children. The idea of a female choosing a different path was scandalous. Critics scathingly criticized the author for undermining married, which was, at that time, believed to be one of the most sacred institutions in society. The book champions the rights of women and puts them on a platform where they are equal to men. During the time of its writing, this idea was scandalous. It was unimaginable that a woman could be equal to a man. Society put men on a pedestal and women were expected to worship…show more content…
In their society, women are expected to stay in a marriage. They are to submit to the will of the husband and act by this will. Many people who choose to abide by societal expectations may end up losing themselves in the process. They may not be happy with how their lives turn out in the end. Nora chose to break away from the herd and do something differently, as scary as it may have seemed. In the beginning, Nora decided to leave the man she loved to be with the man who could give her financial security. Society had prescribed that a man should be a provider, which made Nora find it necessary to be with a man who could meet her financial needs. However, she was not happy with the imbalance of power that existed between them, and it only got worse with time. Eventually, she could not take it anymore, choosing to brave the cold winter snow rather than continue to stay with her husband in her current unpleasant circumstances. She was tired of being controlled by her husband and society
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