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Duncan Wasimbi O.T Exegesis:Term Paper 1 21st May, 2015 Abraham as a prophet My paper discusses how Abraham fits into the category of the Old Testament prophets and how reading Abraham as a prophet affects our reading of Genesis 12-23 and our understanding of his role as a patriarch of the Jews, Christians and muslims.I plan to do this by discussing common Characteristic features Abraham has with the Old Testament and how those features are useful in reading Abraham and understanding his role as both a Jewish, A christian and Muslim patriarch. The story begins with the visit by three strangers to Abrahams tent. The strangers are later on identified as the Lord in the continuation of the story that comes just before they are mentioned.Also, Abraham, while persuading them not to just pass by but to come to Abrahams tent and have some drink, identifies them as My Lord.This signifies the coming of God to the earth.These three celestial creatures, having promised Abraham a son in his old age, rise to go. Just before they leave Abraham offers to take them around.The Lord is therefore mentioned as debating to himself whether he should let Abraham know of the plan he has to destroy Sodom and its neighbouring city Gomorrah.Having probably heard about the sinfulness of the people at Sodom and Gomorrah, he decides to go and confirm by himself. The lord wanted nto go by himself to witness the scene of the crime so that bthe people will have no excuses whatsoever.Like the almond

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