Exegesis: The Role Of Abraham In The Book Of Genesis

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Duncan Wasimbi
O.T Exegesis:Term Paper 1
21st May, 2015

Abraham as a prophet
My paper discusses how Abraham fits into the category of the Old Testament prophets and how reading Abraham as a prophet affects our reading of Genesis 12-23 and our understanding of his role as a patriarch of the Jews, Christians and muslims.I plan to do this by discussing common Characteristic features Abraham has with the Old Testament and how those features are useful in reading Abraham and understanding his role as both a Jewish, A christian and Muslim patriarch.
The story begins with the visit by three strangers to Abrahams tent.

The strangers are later on identified as the Lord in the continuation of the story that comes just before they are mentioned.Also,
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The theme of obedience in the book of Abraham
Part of the deal in the covenant between God and abraham was obedience.God does not just start promising abraham things, he first sends him away from his home to go and do mission in a foreign land.if abraham obeys and goes, God promises to bless him and to make him a father of many nations.He tests Abraham to sacrifice his son and because he obeys he promises to surely bless him.Therefore to develop on this theme of obedience to God’s voice, a parallel story is created running across the story of

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