Research Paper On African American Culture

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The people from Africa were generally part of early American history; however, Africans had experience slavery under better conditions compared to the conditions imposed by other civilized society. From the Egyptian Empire to the Empire of Songhai, slavery was practice for the betterment of their society, however, foreigners invaded these regions and took their slave, their ports and impose these people to a life of servitude in the Caribbean islands and in the English’s colonies. Furthermore, the African American slaves were an active agent of society in the earliest period of American history; they have brought new religious practices to their community; for instance, they constructed networks of communities; they had fought in war alongside …show more content…

African America women contributed in the fight for abolition and women’s suffrage movement; the organizer was a former slave and an evangelical name Sojourner Truth. Certain African slaves coming from West Africa were Sufi Muslim that continued their belief during their voyage crossing the Atlantic Ocean as they were using their Islamic lunar calendar. The Islamic Africans were keeping their movements by watching the moon. Furthermore, African-American culture can be analyzed not only through their action but also through their expression which includes their songs, sayings, dances and/or use of languages. African Americans continued the cultural practice of Nommo, which means the generative power of the spoken words. While Africans’ were being transported to the Americas, the African dialect was targeted trait by the slave traders to be suppressed by separating similar languages stripping their core culture. African American slave such as Nat Turner developed a sophisticated system using …show more content…

Approximately three Southern states change their approach on forced labor without compensation, African American slaves would work for an amount of cash that was, generally, given to the masters of the slaves; However, some of these African American were freed and, therefore, kept all the earnings. In the mid 1800’s southern states, slavery was progressively headed towards salary base employment which would boost the states economically. Furthermore, Northern states were already using such economic structure to boost labor in the industrial region, which led to divide the country into sectors of specialized commodities. Southern state were no longer the only major contributor of economic growth, the Northern states were in large in foreign demands for cotton in the years of 1815-1843 as industries boomed in

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