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What would you need in the afterlife? Ancient Egyptians believed that that there was a life after death, it was called the land of two fields. They believed that it was a real place not imaginary.That life was to be much better and a happier,more enjoyable life. However in order to enter you need to do good deeds in your lifetime (before you died).The more good deeds you did the lighter your heart. Before you when to the afterlife an Egyptian goddess named Maat would weigh his/ her heart after they died, to prevent trickery.If you 're heart was light enough, you could sail in Ra’s boat to the afterlife, if you’re heart however was to heavy you were stuck in the tomb forever.Once you ride on Ra’s boat once you have a free pass.Two other requirements to go to the afterlife is you had to have your name written somewhere and to have you’re body turned to a mummy which is also known as a preserved body. they also believed your soul split in two. The ba and ka. Every morning the ba flew of to watch your living family, you 're ka flew to the land of two fields and enjoyed you 're after life, every night you 're ba and ka met back at the tomb so the preserved body could get some sleep. Then the next day the cycle would start again.
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So the ka is the mummies spiritual personality, which they believed could eat,drink, and move around. Egyptians spent a lot of time preparing a tomb for a preserved body (mummy). Some things that are in the tomb is Grave goods. Grave goods are goods the ka will need in the afterlife, they ( the Ancient Egyptians) would store them in urns, which is like a suitcase for Ancient Egyptians. One of those goods would be clay figures. They believed that once the ka enters the afterlife the clay figures would magically do the work for them. There was other various goods as well. While making the good the Ancient Egyptians had much
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