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Alice Walker: Overwhelming poet
Alice Walker was one of the Pulitzer Prize winner for more than 8 times. Alice Walker was born on February 9, 1944 in Eatonton, Georgia. She was the smallest in her family. During her childhood she had an accident and “lost sight in one eye”. Once she got older she attended college and was transferred as an “exchange student to Africa”. While she was in college she would get A’s. Alice Walker graduated from Sarah Lawrence with an arts degree. By 1967 she was married, but it was a very abusive relationship. He would do many things to Walker. She couldn’t handle being in that relationship anymore ; in 1976 Walker filed a divorce. After her divorce Alice Walker found out that she was pregnant with a baby girl. Later during her life
Walker opened
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First of all, Walker wrote a poem which she named “Expect nothing”. It is a very detailed poem with a lot of diction in it. “Wish for nothing larger than your own small heart” Walker makes it clear for the reader to not want big things in life. She is telling the reader to appreciate the stuff that she or he has. Also the things that people give to you as gifts. She also includes “Or greater than a star”a thing between the size of a star and the size of your heart is just fine. We Apac2 should just want stuff that we need not stuff that we want or desire. A shift occurs in those lines because, she wrote it in a very demanding way. Before those lines it is in a sweet way then once those come around it changes.
In addition, to her poems Walker also wrote a book named “The Color Purple”. This book was one of her best known and best sellers of all. It also “got nominated for a Pulitzer award”, and won. Till this day it has won many awards. “The color purple” was also one of her most critiqued book.
Adding to, “Expect nothing” Walker uses the theme of appreciation. It is a
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