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American Eagle Outfitters Working Conditions Many companies try to sell their products cheap so they are more appealing to buy. One side effect of selling products for cheap is making the products. This results in poor working conditions, long hours, and small wages. In this essay, conditions in American Eagle Outfitters factories will be portrayed. First off, there are many countries where the clothes are produced for American Eagle. Some consist of China, India, Guatemala, Vietnam and the USA. On the tags of different pieces of clothing, some say different places. This is because they have different factories in these different countries. A very small amount of American Eagle’s products are made in the USA. American Eagle Outfitters…show more content…
As the company grows and the clothing becomes more popular, more factories are going to be made. The workers will also be under an intense amount of pressure to get the clothing done in a short amount of time. This is why the working conditions are so bad. Some of the horrendous conditions of these factories include working over 12 hour shifts with few breaks. Many workers have to work 30 days straight on busy seasons, no matter what. Sometimes they even have to work 6 days a week. Some workers even fall asleep on the job because they are so tired. These sweatshop labor conditions are inhumane and sometimes even illegal. Investigations have taken place and it has been discovered that the pay rates are a lot lower than what is legal. Some workers can earn as little as under $2 an hour. They do not have a specific time or amount that they are paid. This leaves the workers unsure of if the company is being honest in how much they said they would pay them. The workers are not given a copy of the contract when they sign up for the job. If you want to quit your job, the resignation process is extremely complicated. The workers have to pay a lot of money if they don’t complete the year of…show more content…
Child labor was a big problem in these factories. “The factory employs 16-18 year old students to make up for the understaffed factory. The students are expected to follow and fulfill the same responsibilities as their adult co workers.” (American Eagle Workers). Many of these young workers are not super educated. This is because they have to work a lot to support their families of themselves. If they are in the school process, it is not their first priority. The conditions of these factories are so bad, many people are getting very sick. There are many toxic gases and unsafe machines. The factories are very hot and humid. The Catholic Church believes that labor and work is just a way to make a living. It shouldn’t be something that becomes unfair. Equal wages, fair work, dignity and respect are all things that are seen to be required in all work practices. Rerum Novarum is defined as ‘a Revolutionary Change.’ Rerum Novarum was a letter that was passed around the Catholic Church. It was basically the rights and duties of labor. This covered the working conditions and basic rights of workers. This states how it is the company’s responsibility to provide fair labor and wages to the

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