Research Paper On American Imperialism

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How i feel about about imperialism you say .? The earliest 19 century was known as the “Age of Imperialism” Americans was refers to economic meaning business . Military and cultural influence of the united states worldwide. Native americans have a good relationship with the United States because they may be members of nations, tribes, or bands also treaty rights . The imperialism state took away from it belief in time found itself involved . The American imperialism was bad for the natives because of the native recourse they taking over their land and forcing them to become their allies. I would say this hurt the Native because they forcing to do something they don’t want to do Thomas Jefferson expected the fall of Spanish empire. Thomas…show more content…
The extinct less than 100 years existence over 683,00 people. They was enslave, rape, abuse, scrapped also and launch many was killed and the wars. Mostly is was deaths and those who was wounded badly, body parts. Some was missing and they could not found the body after the war was finish. How i feel about this is that the American Imperialism wasn't right treading the Native like they wasn't anything and basically came and went when they please by using there materials or whatever they had left. The American imperialism was cold hearted and really didn't care about the Native at the time but they did help out most of all torn them down. They knew what they was doing and the first place, didn't second guess anything they don’t care about the native at all. So when you ask me was the American Emperians good or bad for the Native by taking over the colony this is what i would say for my response to my
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