Written Words: The Diary Of Anne Frank

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Written Words

We can only live forever through our words. Anne Frank is one of the many who have accomplished this . She wrote of the courage of others and the injustice that was happening during world war 2 The Holocaust was a dreadful thing. She was an ordinary girl with an ordinary family that lived through what we now call the Holocaust jews were being accused of causing the economic depression. . She lived in the annex for two years before being found. Anne was facing the injustice and adversity around her, while trying to be true to herself. Anne was a caring girl who had a heart for literature. She was also was nervous about being found and tried her best to help others.
Anne was caring of how the others were feeling and tried to do her best to not cause too many problems. One thing she wrote in her diary was “Even through everything that has happened I still believe people are good at heart,” (Anne Frank). She wanted to believe that people could still be good. Anne had many conversations with Peter, she tried to comfort him when he was upset. Peter and Anne became close friends. Peter told her about how unfair it was for them to live like this. Anne tried to give him faith and help him gain hope, she also did the same for her sister Margot who also lost faith in the war
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She went from an ordinary girl to a famous writer. We shall remember her through the words she wrote in that diary. We will remember her as the girl who will live forever. Anne’s diary is full of emotion and her opinion she is easy to connect with because she is like us. Anne’s diary shall be a reminder of what happened to those who were punished for something they believed in. We can only live forever through our words. Anne has shown us what it was like through a child’s eyes. She brought light to her family and told of the injustice she was suffering. We only know about what she went through because of her words she wrote in her
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