Research Paper On Anne Frank

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Anne Frank
The Voice of the Holocaust

Writer, diary, and inspiration are some words people often think of when they hear about Anne Frank. Many people know that she wrote a diary and was a Jewish citizen during World War II, but she was so much more. As a Jewish girl in hiding who experienced suffering and fear at such a young age, her story inspires hope and resilience in the face of death and destruction. Anne Frank changed the world by showing what life was like from the inside out of affected areas during World War II. She wrote her diary that helped others realise the true horrors of war. She left a legacy by being the voice of the Holocaust. In the time of Anne Frank, the Nazis were starting their rise to power, which caused problems all around the globe. Before the war started, discrimination against Jewish citizens in Germany was strong. Hitler, being the dictator of Germany, implemented many anti-Semitic laws which targeted the Jewish people of Germany. Jews were carted away into prison or segregated areas by the cartful each day on the streets. Furthermore, Jews were not allowed to do simple actions, such as take pictures or play sports. They were regarded by the government as “subhuman”. The hate grew even stronger on November 19, 1938 when the Nazis destroyed every synagogue or Jewish owned store in Germany. Hitler’s book Mein Kampf became propaganda which allowed him and his National Socialist Party to rise to power. The Nazis also had an influence outside of

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