Biography Of Benjamin Franklin

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Write a Research Paper Based on a Famous Historical Figure Shandale Ridgway
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January 13, 2015

EN144 Unit 4 Written Assignment 4 2
Write a Research Paper Based on a Famous Historical Figure
I am doing my research paper of a famous historical figure and it’s on Benjamin Franklin. This is what I learned about Benjamin Franklin and what he has accomplished that was historically significant. But I am going to start out by doing his Biography, then I am going to tell you what he has accomplished and what he was famous for.
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Benjamin Franklin was also famously called the “First Citizen of the 18th Century”. He was a man of many trades, and he was also famous for the “Poor Richard’s Almanac,” and for his work in electrical theory as well. Benjamin Franklin organized the United States the first lending library and volunteer fire department.
Benjamin scientific pursuits were to investigate into the electricity and mathematics on map-making too. He helped with the draft of the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution, and he also negotiated the 1783 Treaty of Paris, that was marked as the end of the Revolutionary War. Benjamin Franklin was born on January 17, 1706 in Boston, which was known then as Massachusetts Bay Colony. Benjamin’s father, Josiah Franklin, who was the soap and candle maker and had 17 kids, and had 7 with his 1st wife, Anne Child, and had 10 with his 2nd wife, Abiah
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