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Have you ever wondered about the mysterious Bermuda Triangle? Well I have and it’s actually very interesting. The Bermuda Triangle is a place in the ocean that many people believe to be why boats and planes go missing in a certain area. Some of you might be familiar with one of the corners of the Bermuda Triangle. Some people think this is totally not true and fake while others like me think there is some history behind it and why disappearances happens there. You are also going to learn about these theories and why some can be totally right!

The bermuda triangle is located on the atlantic ocean. Over the years people have crashed their boats and planes there. The Bermuda Triangle touches down on three places. According to history’s website
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There is also sometimes that just randomly disappear. This has happened so many times. One boat that has disappeared in the bermuda triangle is a boat of a newly married couple. According to Bermuda Attractions, “A newly married couple Frank and Romina Leone went for fishing on their brand new 16-foot boat on June 18, 2003. They left from the Boynton beach inlet in Florida but never returned. The US Coast Guard eventually gave up the search & rescue operation after having combed a large part of the sea area for several days.” ( They might not know where this ship went but many people think that it’s most likely in the Bermuda triangle. Not only boats sink there though. In 2008 a plane crashed into the Bermuda triangle also. Bermuda Attractions says, “A Britten-Norman Islander (also known as 3-engine Trislander) took off from Santiago for New York on December 15, 2008 at around 3:30pm with 12 persons on board. After about 35 minutes from take off, the aircraft fell off the radar. A massive search operation was launched by US Coast Guards, but the aircraft was never traced again. Its last known location was about 4 miles west of West Caicos Island...” ( Planes don’t just go missing 35 minutes after take off. Nobody can explain this weird incident. Yes the plane and boat were never found but many theories say they crashed in the Bermuda

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