Research Paper On Bethany The Surfer

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On Halloween 2003 it was an attack! Bethany Hamilton has been attack by a tiger shark. Bethany was 13 years old when the attack had happen. Bethany was surfing in Kauai Hawaii. Bethany had seen her arm in half of her board gone. All the water around Bethany was darkened quickly. Bethany didn’t even fill the pain when her arm got bitten off with the board. Bethany is motivated in getting back into the water. Bethany is motivated because she not going to give up on the waves she loves. Bethany family and friends is motivated her to get stronger and be even better from where she was. Bethany wants her dreams to be completed. Bethany has been motivated throughout her attack she had in 2003. Bethany has confidents in herself. Because Bethany wants to get back out there to her thing she likes to do best. “The day before thanksgiving Bethany went to the beach for the first times since the attack page 8”. Bethany had to figure out how to paddle evenly with one arm. Bethany whole mind concentrated on catching a wave.…show more content…
“Bethany incredible comeback is only part of her story page 9”. Bethany had realized her purpose was greater than just being an elite surfer. Bethany win launched her professional career fulfilling her lifelong dream. Bethany is an elite surfer now. Bethany had been good at surfing since she was 5 years old. How was my story? Did you like it? Well if not go get Bethany Hamilton movie or book or article. Than tell me some facts you know about Bethany after you get done reading. Then write a paper than compare it to the movie or book in find the similar and
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