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The Bystander Effect

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Human Beings exhibit varying characteristics depending on which kind of situation they are in. In here, the change in the mentality of people in offering a helping hand to people when they are with the public is taken into account. The multitude, that inclines to be helping in the actual sense, gets deprived of this habit when they are with a group of people. In order to explain this aspect a well-known experiment, “The Bystander Experiment” is brought to lime light.

The Bystander Effect
Providing a helping hand is one of the most typical
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How ironic that this same question was answered separately by a non-scientist. When the killer was apprehended, and Chief of Detectives, Albert Seedman asked him how he dared to attack a woman in front of so many witnesses, the psychopath calmly replied, 'I knew they wouldn 't do anything, people never do ' (Seedman & Hellman, 1974, p. 100)".
Two social psychologists, John Darley and Bibb Latané, bothered enough to ask as to why the people who witnessed it demonstrated a lack of any useful reaction towards the dying victim. Darley and Latané conducted an experiment in 1964, and it was called The Bystander Apathy Experiment.
Who is a Bystander?
What does it actually mean by the term ‘Bystander’? A bystander, also called a witness, is someone who sees a situation, and who may or may not know what to do, and he or she is himself or herself terrified to act, and thinks that someone else will do the needful. The Bystander Apathy Experiment
The psychologists, Darley and Latané were in this experiment because of the ingenuity that they derived from the murder of Kitty Genovese in the year
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