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Carpentry, as a hands on craft, is actually thousands of years old. In America the Industrial Revolution influenced carpentry as we know it today (Steve Allen Inc.). Carpenters possess many great skills such as good business skills, detail oriented, manual dexterity, math skills, physical stamina and strength, as well as problem solving skills. With the demand of infrastructures; carpenters design, build and fabricate structures to meet demands. Carpentry dates back to the late 17th to the early 18th century. The Colonial Williamsburg Official History & Citizenship Site states, “The city of Williamsburg was literally hammered together in the 1700’s by men like Benjamin Powell, John Wheatley, James Morris, Christopher Ford, and
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Many vocational training courses are offered in this career as well as college courses. Local colleges that offer forms of carpentry are East Mississippi Community College, which prepares students for entry into residential type carpentry. EMCC offers a two semester certificate of proficiency in residential carpentry. Courses offered are blueprint reading, estimating, building, installing, and repairing structures (EMCC Required Courses). The total hours for all carpentry classes offered at EMCC are 39 credit hours. According to the EMCC School website tuition for the EMCC carpentry program is $1,200.00 a semester with a program fee of $150.00 a semester as well. Housing is not offered at the same location as the carpentry program which is located in Clay County, Mississippi…show more content…
Working hours for a basic carpenter can be up to or over 40 hours a week. Vacations come far and few for carpenters due to their busy, demanding work schedules as well as a paid vacation may only be offered to individuals with higher education levels and those employed by companies. While working conditions can vary from, wet, muddy, dusty, hot and noisy depending on the season or location. When it rains on a job sight most carpenters do not get paid due to the lack of work available. Carpenters fall under the pressure to complete jobs on time which may take a toll on their mental and medical
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