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What was Cereberus you might ask? Cereberus was a Multi headed dog, usually 3 heads also known as a hellhound. Cereberus had a serpents tail a mane of snakes and claws like a lion. Cerberus was known for guarding the Greek underworld to prevent all dead from escaping and the living from entering. Cerberus parents were the monster Echinda who was half woman half serpent, and Typhon was a fire breathing giant, covered with dragons and serpents. Among the children of these monsters were Orthus, known as the hydra of Lerna, and Chimaera. Ortha was a two- headed hound that guarded Geryon. Chimaera had three heads breathed fire, part lion, part snake, and part goat. Hesiod was the first to give Cerberus his name and orgin calling him son of Typhon…show more content…
What was he known forHeracles final labor was to capture Cereberus and bring him out of the underworld. Heracles was to complete this task without any weapons. His labor was given to him by king Eurystheus for punishment for killing his own children after being known as Howard "2 insane by Hera. Hercules knew he should take extra precautions and he knew once in the kingdom of Hades he might not be allowed to leave or rejoin the living. Hercules went to see Eumolpus who was a priest known for the Eleusinian Mysteries. Which were sacred rites which celebrated the myth of Demeter and Persephone. Hercules then went to Taenarum in Laconia, through a deep rocky cave. He then made is was down to the underworld which he encountered monsters, heroes, and ghosts. Hercules even engaged in a wrestling contest. Hercules found Pluto and asked the God for Ceberus. Hercules put his strong arms around the beast, grasping all three heads and wrestled him into submission. The dragon on Cerberus tail bit Hercules but that did not stop him. Cerberus submitted to the force of Hercules and brought Cerberus to Eurystheus. Cerberus was returned safely to Hades, where he resumed guarding the gateway to the
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