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It was a hot August day in Austin, Texas, when Charles Whitman climbed to the top of the clock tower to discover his fate. He randomly shot people from the top of the clock tower. The University of Texas Shooting was a major event in American history because it was the first public mass murder, 42 people were shot, and it had a large impact on society. Charles Whitman’s life before the shooting was a rollercoaster. The Whitman family was not your average family (Bankston, 2007). They had a lot of disagreement in their family, though no one knew it because they were a rich popular family (Bankston, 2007). Margaret and Charles Whitman were the parents of Charles Whitman (Bankston, 2007). He was brought up Roman Catholic and was born in Florida, in the city of Lake Worth (Bankston, 2007). Charles Whitman and his mother were verbally and physically mistreated by his dad (Bankston, 2007). Despite this, Charles Whitman became an Eagle Scout after demonstrating remarkable IQ at the age of 12 in elementary school (Bankston, 2007). Whitman’s youth was very different from most people’s. Charles Whitman applied for and earned a scholarship from the Naval Enlisted Science Education Program in 1961 (Bankston, 2007). This came after Charles graduated from high school, enrolled in the U.S. Marine Corps, and became a sniper ensuing a severe fight with his dad in 1959 (Bankston, 2007). He then commenced education at Austin, for the University of Texas (Bankston, 2007). Whitman married the

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