Research Paper On Cheating And Plagiarism

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Student Ethics In The Digital Age Research Paper Rough Draft As adolescence progress through the educational system many thought cheating was the way to go. University students never expected the life consequences that come after cheating. Adolescents life potential can be ruined by not breaking bad habits, pressure brought onto them everyday, life consequences can result by not earning the career you cheated through which could ruin the whole life potential in an adolescents future. Cheating can create a life habit which causes individuals to always have that mind set of cheating. According to Manar Hosny and Shameem Fatima , Attitude of Students Towards Cheating and Plagiarism:University Case Study, the main idea about this subject is, “ Getting better grades may seem as the most compelling factor for making students cheat or plagiarize”(Honsy and Fatima 1). By doing these legality actions college students do not see the long outcome that could occur. Adolescents are pressured to improving their grades and make it to the passing course and by that being applied to them they feel the need to cheat. As in the future,when applying for a job or looking for a career they may try and take the easy route which is cheating by getting answers to a test online or even by writing it down on their hand. These actions will not bring a good future or good reputation. Cheating and plagiarism is part of academic dishonesty and students

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