Research Paper On Conformity

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Feys states,” Conformity can be seen as the world’s most common, but dangerous psychological disorder.” It is quite self explanatory, but if you do not understand, Feys is basically saying that conformation is extremely common. Also, in some cases people may conform to much in a potentially dangerous situation, and could hurt themselves or someone else. Take the Jim Jones Cult for example. Jim Jones was the leader of the Peoples Temple in the 1970’s. The cult is best known for the mass murder-suicide. Nearly one thousand people died; around 300 were children. They were all killed by cyanide poisoning. It is hard to think that one person could lead people to do such awful things, and that people would actually listen. But that is where conformation. All those people conformed and killed themselves and their children. I would definitely consider this to be a psychological disorder. Someone who would conform to kill has a serious mental disorder. If you are not 100% sure what a psychological disorder is, then continue reading. If you already know, then you should read anyway because why not? A psychological disorder is a mental disorder…show more content…
In my first paragraph, I explained a situation that actually happened in the 70’s. When people conform to that type of thing, it is devastating. It is difficult to understand how and why people could do such a thing. I did not understand how a person could do such a thing until I read what psychological disorder was, and then it all made sense. I do not believe that being a conformist is always a bad thing. Actually, there are a large variety of ways to conform that are not dangerous. Conforming can even be good! I believe that conforming to society in high school could be dangerous. You are in danger of hurting yourself not just mentally, but also physically. Also, conforming to things like obeying your teacher/adult is always a good way to
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