Research Paper On Cookin's With Coolio

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Back in the 90s, Coolio really had a good thing going. His hit single “Gangsta’s Paradise” won a Grammy and even Keenen and Kel wanted to hang out with him. While things went south after he started hanging out with the Jugalos and started appearing on reality TV (two completely unrelated incidents), at least Coolio will always have one thing going for him: dude can cook.

See, the only thing that Coolio has been doing longer than rapping is cooking. Nicknamed the black Rachel Ray by himself, in 2009 Coolio published Cookin’ With Coolio, which gives you all the recipes you need in order to become your own Ghetto Gourmet.

While it’s easy to be skeptical of Coolio’s culinary skills, as somebody who has personally made and tasted a handful
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