Research Paper On Cornbread

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To go along with this delicious chili I made corn bread. I had a mix from Trader Joes that I used. When I make cornbread I like mine more sweet so I added a couple Tablespoons of 100% pure maple syrup. Just for some added sweetness. This mix did have actual pieces of corn which I have never had that before. It still turned out really good. On some of them I did add a bit of sugar on top. I know that it is in no way healthy to do that, but it was oh so good! Cornbread is not something I make on regular basis for that reason. There are some of the muffins that do not have sugar on them. I used them in my silicone cupcake tin, and they came out very easily with no sticking to it. For my house this is a staple to have with home cooked chili :)
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