Research Paper On Drunk Driving

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Drunk driving. Drunk driving is a serious problem. Many people think that drunk driving is harmless. It is however the opposite. If you drive after you have had a drink, you are not only putting yourself but also others at risk. There are drunk driving laws in place, yet it is still a very large, and serious problem. There are many effects of drunk driving. There are personal effects, societal effects, and economical effects. Some of the personal effects is that you personally could get seriously injured, or even die. Another personal effect is that you could possibly kill someone. For the rest of your life you would have to live with that. You would have to live knowing that because of a dumb mistake that easily could have been avoided, you…show more content…
Drunk driving costs us billions of dollars a year. That is a lot of money. If we could lessen drunk driving, we could spend that money on other things. The medical spending alone for drunk driving costs about one hundred and thirty million. Each crash costs about twenty six thousand dollars for us. This is a lot of money. These are just three of the types of effects. We are all affected by drunk driving. We may not realize it, but we are. I believe that together we can change this. Drunk driving is a serious issue. Each year about ten thousand people die from drunk driving. Ten thousand! That is a lot of people. Each of these lives has a value and they are lost because of other people 's mistakes. We need to crack down on drunk driving. The sad part is that many people drink and drive without even realizing it. There are ways to help stop drunk driving. One is to just take a cab or an uber. Another is to use certain tools to make sure you are safe to drive. I know someone who has a breathalyzer she has to use before her car will start. If her BAC is above the legal level, her car will not start. It is a pretty cool tool that I feel could save countless lives. The issue is getting people to use
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