Research Paper On Environmental Pollution

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Environmental pollution through the discharge of toxic heavy metal ions considered one of the most important issues that threat all biological systems including human, animal and plant kingdoms. For this reason, several attempts have been made for effective removal of these metal ions, particularly from industrial wastewater [1, 2]. As a pollutant, mercury (Hg) regarded as an extremely poisonous heavy metal with enormous harmful effect on our health [3]. Numerous studies confirmed that sever medical diseases could be related to long term exposure to Hg2+ ions. Mercuric ions biomethylation could retain in blood and continuously deposit in some organs like kidneys, liver or brain and consequently cause chronic diseases ended with death [4, 5]. That is why, it is very necessary to continuously develop novel techniques for fast detection and extraction of mercury from aqueous media. Different extraction techniques including solvent extraction [6-8], ion exchangers [9-11], precipitation [12, 13], adsorption [14, 15] and membrane separation [16, 17] have been successfully utilized to minimize the mercuric ion concentrations in aqueous media. However, the absence of selectivity considered a fatal disadvantage restricts the application of these techniques, particularly in specific metal ions extractions [18]. Nowadays, Ion-imprinting technique considered one of the most outstanding strategies that provide a synthetic path for manufacturing smart polymeric materials, which are able

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