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Christmas is a wonderful time of year. It is when we all show appreciation for each other by giving gifts. I myself would like some gifts from you. After all, there are things I do not have that I want. So, I present to you the present I want for Christmas.
For Christmas this year, I would really like a Fleabass. I play the bass and this would be a really cool thing to get for me. You might say that the Fleabass is too loud. To help moderate this problem, I will do all of my playing in the basement. I will also keep the volume knobs down if you ask me. It will not be very loud at all. Only solid spazzy Red Hot Chili Peppers songs will come from the basement. Being in the basement also puts me far away from everyone. Except Simon. He might be mad, but I don’t care. …show more content…

On stage, Flea’s going wild without his shirt and an obnoxious bass. I would respond by saying, that Flea has been successful with this. Why can’t I be almost as successful? Flea’s in the Red Hot Chili Peppers. I could be in a band somewhere with some high schoolers. The Fleabass is not too strange if you have the personality to make it work. The last thing you might say is that the Fleabass is too expensive. You’d have to spend a lot of money, right? I would say that it would only cost about $500. It would be a great Christmas present for me. The money would be well worth it on Christmas morning. You would see me with such a happy look on my face. I would be overjoyed. It is not too expensive, you just aren’t spending your money right. In conclusion, you have heard why I would like a Fleabass. It is a great musical instrument. It would be so much better than just the boring Squire Jazz Bass that I have. You must understand that I really need a Fleabass to feel good about myself. I would be a very happy kid on Christmas morning if I had one of

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