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Frida Kahlo was born in Mexico City, Mexico on July 6 in 1907. She is a Mexican self-portrait artist, meaning, that she painted portraits of herself. Frida is considered one of Mexico’s best artist. Her painting experience began after a tragic bus accident in which she suffered from harsh injuries. While recovering from the accident Frida started and finished her first self-portrait painting a year later, then gave it as a gift to her former partner Alejandro Gómez Arias.

Frida’s style of work is categorized to be surrealist, however, she did not consider it to be surrealist art work because her art was based off to be more autobiographical paintings. The influence of her work comes from psychological and physical painful events that occurred to her during childhood, her early years of adulthood, her husband’s unfaithfulness. Frida had interest in her mixed ancestry of German-Mexican along with the immense amount of nationalism in her husband’s artwork influenced her artworks to be dealing with issues of national identity.
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The painting is a symbol that represents her pain when she divorced the famous Mexican painter Diego Rivera. In this painting the Frida on the right shows that Frida is wearing a European style dress which is the dress she wore for her marriage with Rivera. When she married Rivera he was a strong and proud nationalist of his country Mexico, so she explored the Mexican traditional clothing style which is represented with the Frida on the right of the painting. In the painting the Mexican Frida, the Frida on the right, has a locket with the picture of her husband Diego
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