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GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE A Specification of the Bridge: In 1994, the Golden Gate Bridge was declared one of the 7 wonders of the modern world, today it is still one of the most famous structures in the world. Construction began in 1933 some people worried it would cost too much, other people worried it wouldn’t be safe but by hiring clever engineers and designers with the use of advanced technology nothing is impossible, according to Kevin Starr (2010) "The Golden Gate Bridge ... offers enduring proof that human beings can alter the planet with reverence" . In 1937, it was completed it only took four years to build it and it became the longest bridge and the tallest bridge in the world. The figure shows a general view of Golden Gate Bridge at night. Wikimedia Commons. (2008). Retrieved from Golden Gate Bridge is a massive suspension bridge that is almost a mile long, it located on the west coast of the US in the state of California, its right at the edge of California by the Pacific Ocean a strait called Golden Gate, which separate San Francisco from Marin country. This figure shows the location of Golden Gate Bridge on the map. A modern mother. (2017). Retrieved from Why They Built It: The purpose of building the Golden Gate Bridge is to connect San Francisco to Marin country because the golden gate strait was causing a lot issues

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