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Kyle Gossett Coach Smith Ancient World History 25 September 2017 Hammurabi’s Code: Was It Just? Hand to Hand and the spoil the kingdom. Hammurabi code became the ruler in babylon in 1972 BCE. He ruled a very extremely vast area in babylon. His vast area he ruled was very extremly area because it was in babylon in 1972. The kingdom of just is that Hammurabi code was fair for the just. “Just is to fair” “As Unjust is to Negative”. I believe Hammurabi code is fair. Hammurabi code is fair because if you do something that is right or break a law for “Example you hurt somebody or put them in danger or something”. But i think that is is fair because it should be like that today. And for another “Example is that if it is a property law and you…show more content…
But i think that you should never bind them in the cast of water unless you die. Then this is my evidence in law 129 that they should get married but keep it. Then human life is valued, Marriage is valued then “Then the strong should be ever weak. My second part of evidence is in law 168 talking about if a man has determined to disinherit his son and ever be declared. And then it is like harsh not really right for that to be like that but that is how i feel about the laws and hammurabi code for just. Hammurabi code is fair, Because if a man actually does knock out and eye of a man needs to go jail that is in law 196. But how i got evidence in that law 196 because if talks a lot about the man. But how i think this personal injury in fair because if you do something bad that is not right you deserve to go to jail. But and how i got even more evidence is you can see it in the book and stuff. But that last thing is that that is what i feel about hammurabi code, But it is fair to just. Hammburabi code is fair. Because the reason why i had chosen this and seen laws are that. It isnt right for somebody that has done something bad and then they dont get in trouble. But that is what i think about the laws because if somebody has laws you need to respect the laws but that is how i feel about hammburai code is fait to

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