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Harriet Tubman is one of the United States most successful abolitionist during the American Civil War, she was a spy for the Union and the conductor of the Underground Railroad, she remains a great inspiration and is a true American hero. Tubman planned the successful Raid at Combahee Ferry in which she freed over 750 slaves it was the first military operation that was led by an American women. Tubman is mostly know for being the conductor of the Underground Railroad, she went on a totally of 19 trips and never lost a single passenger. Harriet Tubman's popularity has reached folkloric status and her story has been retold in over 40 children's books. What is so extraordinary about Tubman is that she was an ex female slave who remain illiterate …show more content…

Her brothers later became frightened and turned back around, Harriet went back them and later escaped by herself to Pennsylvania a free state state. Tubman worked as a servant and saved enough money planning to return to help others escape including her family members. The Underground Railroad is what Harriet Tubman is mostly remember for. The Underground Railroad was a network of secret houses and routes that slaves used with the help of abolist and people that were sympathetic to the cause. Tubman used the Underground Railroad to help free her family and hundreds of other slaves, she went on a total of 19 trips and never lost a single passenger or allowed them to go back. It was extremely dangerous to be a runaway slave and if they were to be caught they would face punishments such as branding, whipping, amputations of limbs, or death. Everytime Tubman lead a group of slaves to freedom she faced great danger. The bounty for Harriet Tubman wanted her either dead or alive and totaled at $40,000, which is over 1 million dollars in today's money. Tubman carried two very important things with her; her gun and her faith. If someone were to get frightened and want to turn back she would point her gun at them and say "You'll be free or die a slave!" If anyone was to turn back, it would put her and the others in danger of discovery. With all …show more content…

Many of Tubman's supporters she made during the Underground Railroad that let her use their properties to hide slaves were a part of the Women's Suffrage movement. Tubman was a not a leader in the Women's Suffrage movement but a strong supporter who believed in equality. Being someone who fought for her freedom and believed in equality she stood behind her friends and supported the movement. Tubman began to go on tours and gave speeches about her own experiences as being female slave, she traveled to Boston, Washington, and New York describing her years as being "Moses" and the influence she made. The rights of African American women were extremely important to her, especially because black women were faced with more brutality then white women were. In 1896 Harriet Tubman gave her most famous speech at the first National Association of Colored Women. Even though Tubman was illiterate and never received a formal education her, her speeches were always talked about and left the crowd wanting

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