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This article about the murders of both Mayor George Mascone and Supervisor Harvey Milk. On November 27th, Dan White murdered these two men in their offices and he was facing the death penalty. On May 21st, he was found guilty of voluntary manslaughter and was given a minimum sentence of 5 years in prison and a maximum sentence of seven years. Eight months. This outraged the community causing a crowd of about angry demonstrators to to march around City Hall, bang on the windows, and even start car fires. They were shouting about having Mayor Dianne Feinstein fired from her job and shouting in remembrance of Harvey Milk. Multiple people were injured during this riot. After the verdict, people such as District Attorney Joseph Freitas Jr. were apologizing for the jury’s decisions. The jury could not be sure whether Whites mental state influenced his actions or if he just decided to shoot them on his own. Mascone left behind his wife and three children. Although nothing will bring their father and husband back they were given a large amount of money. Milk was symbol for all homosexuals because he openly lived a gay life. After his death, many people paraded through the Civic Center Plaza in his honor.…show more content…
I also wonder if Milk happened to be straight, if he would’ve still been killed. This is a sad situation because two innocent lives were lost due to someone else’s selfish actions. I’m glad that after Mascone and Milk’s deaths, others stood up for them. Whether the riot was only for Milk or not it still showed how important those two people were to the community. The demonstrators parading around the plaza also showed how powerful Milk living an openly gay life was to

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