Research Paper On Healthy People 2020

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• What has changed since 2010, which objectives are new? According to, There has been a few revisions under their objectives sections. They have seemed to revise adolescent health, blood disorder and blood safety, genomics, global health, preparedness, older adults and as well as a few others. • How does this national initiative stimulate disease prevention and health promotion agendas? The national initiative stimulates disease prevention and health promotion by creating goals and objectives once they obtain these goals they coordinate them with the preventative health service as well as educational activities in order to help support the public to improve their overall health. • How does it influence health? Healthy People 2020 aims to improve major health issues in many individuals. They not only focus on disease prevention they also focus on emotional, physical, mental and social functioning of each individual. I personally feel that Healthy People 2020 influences health by supporting their prevention and promotion areas with evidence based practice information. This alone supports their statistics and how well the nation is doing based off the information they have provided to the world. •…show more content…
Healthy People 2020 aims to educate and support the nation in wellness and prevention just as well as nurses do. Nurse as well as Healthy People aim to improve each individual’s health in more ways than one. When it comes to nursing I feel that it’s our duty as nurses to do our best to educate these patients and help support them on their journey while they are in your care in hopes that what you taught them sticks with them once they are
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