Research Paper On Hurricane Sandy

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Superstorm Sandy Superstorm Sandy devastated almost all of the eastern seaboard and parts of Cuba. The hurricane started as a normal tropical storm over the warm waters near the equator (Pacific and Atlantic oceans). Then began to spin counterclockwise and form into a hurricane. The hurricane was given a category one rating on October 23, 2012.Even though the hurricane did not touch the Dominican Republic it still dumped twenty inches of rain in Hispaniola. Over fifty people died from flooding and mudslides. Sandy became even stronger as it moved from Hispaniola to Cuba. Fifty-five thousand people were evacuated. The storm hit Santiago de Compostela, Cuba’s second largest city. Sandy became the deadliest hurricane to hit Cuba. The death total in the Caribbean topped off at seventy. Then the hurricane moved northwest heading to the lower eastern seaboard (Florida and Georgia) . On October 29th, the hurricane makes a drastic change of course straight to New Jersey. Places like New York and New Jersey once thought as being untouchable now brace themselves for the storm. Then at eight pm hurricane, Sandy hits the coast. Wind speeds at hundred fifteen mph. Sandy was the 12th hurricane in the season and by far the worst. The effects…show more content…
People lost their homes, their loved ones, and their communities.I couldn 't image how horrible it would be to come back to your home and it be destroyed. I feel like even though there was a lot of destruction, there was some good. It opened people’s eyes that places like New York and other very populated cities can be hit by natural disasters. The storm showed that big cities need to take more precautions in the future. I also feel like it banned people together. People who were not affected saw the devastation of the storm and started food and clothing drives. People who were in the storm banded together to rebuild their cities, and look for missing loved
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