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A hurricane is one of, if not the most dangerous natural disaster. It has affected humans in many ways over the centuries, causing us to have to adapt to survive. Scientists are constantly studying hurricanes to learn more about how they work and how to better predict and mitigate damage.
The formation of a hurricane is very complex with many conditions that need to be met in order for it to properly form. A tropical thunderstorm is what starts it all. Occasionally, a few thunderstorms begin orbiting around an area of low pressure (warm area). These rotating thunderstorms are referred to as a tropical depression. If the depression increases in strength so that its winds reach 39 mph, it is classified as a tropical storm. Then, if wind speeds
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The hurricane will continue to grow stronger as long as there is a supply of warm, moist air and water to feed it. This air and water is found above warm, tropical ocean waters near the equator. A hurricane weakens the farther it moves away from the equator. When a hurricane moves into areas with cooler ocean water, it weakens. Hurricanes also weaken if they travel over land. The rotation of the hurricane is due to the Coriolis Effect, or Earth 's rotation. This causes the air being drawn into the low pressure area to curve. The air rises as it spins. This rising air, which is very moist, cools and condenses, which forms clouds. Even though it is warm enough at the equator, hurricanes can’t form there because there is not enough rotation.
There are a few additional conditions that must also be met for a hurricane to form. First, the water that the storm forms over must be over 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Second, there must be little wind shear so the clouds stay intact. Third, the hurricane must be over a low pressure area. Fourth, the storm needs to be near the equator, but not near enough that there is no Coriolis Effect. Lastly, the air near the formation area must be moist or

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