Research Paper On Identical Twins

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In order to study twins, we first have to understand what twins are. Identical twins are twins that derive from the same egg that then splits into two separate eggs. Identical twins have exact copies of DNA. Fraternal twins derive from two separate eggs that implant in the womb together and have different sets of DNA. The major advantage to studying twins, especially identical twins, is that they grow up together in the same environment. Fraternal twins are essentially studying two separate siblings born at the same time. Thus, the results may yield the same results as if a researcher was studying two seaparte siblings in the house. Identical twins is like having the same person in two separate bodies. It is fascinating to see how the personality…show more content…
Identical twins are essentially one person in two bodies. How does environment impact identical twins from fraternal twins? A major advantage to studying identical twins in particular is that they are one set of DNA in two different bodies. How does an environment impact those personalities. How is personality impacted if and when twins are separated at birth and either rose separately by mom and dad, or if they are adopted into two separate homes? Twins offer unique insight into the impact of environment on personality because in the rare instance that a set of separated twins can be studied. We can see how big of an impact environment has on personality vs. genetics. I have identical twins: Shetan and Agravaine. I study their personalities daily, to get to know them. They do not wear the same clothes, they have different toys, and they like to do different things. They also exhibit different personalities despite being in the same environment. Shetan is laid back and thinks about things. He is the brains behind the "Dynamic Duo" operation. Agravaine is boistrous. He is the brawns. He jumps head first into any situation without thought of the consequences. I think it would be interesting to study the personalities of identical twins that are raised like my twins: with individuality. I also think it would be interesting to study the impact on personality that trying to raise twins to be like each other can
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