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OL 703 Critical and Creative Thinking Dr. Leslie Corbitt February 18, 2018 Isadora Duncan Brief Biography Isadora Duncan was born May 26, 1877 or 1878, according to some sources in San Francisco, California (, 2016). Her mother, Dora, divorced her father when Isadora was still a baby (, 2016). She was given the full name of Angela Isadora Duncan at birth, until she started to go by Isadora Duncan in 1894 (Stokes, 2018). Isadora Duncan had two children, Dierdre, a daughter, and Patrick Duncan, a son (, 2017). Miss Duncan was not married to either of her children’s fathers (Stokes, 2018). Isadora also adopted six children, known as the “Isadorables”; Anna, Maria-Theresa, Irma, Margot, Erica and Elizabeth (Kisselgoff, 1988). Although she was 17 years older, Isadora married Sergey Aleksandrovich Yesnin, a poet, in 1922 (Stokes, 2018). Miss Duncan did not believe in conventional marriage, however, she married Sergey in order for him to be able to travel to the United States with her (, 2016). Isadora Duncan was a pioneer of interpretative dance who started many dance schools in the United States, Germany and Russia (, 2016). Her controversial dance styles and rhythmic body movement changed the way ballet dancing was done (Stokes, 2018). Miss Duncan was revered by many of the musicians, writers and artists of her time (Stokes, 2018). Her liberation of ballet from the stiff, rigid conventional performance to

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