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Jamaica is one of the most popular island destinations in the Caribbean. Each year the island 's golden beaches, soaring mountains, vibrant culture and tropical climate attract over 2,5 million tourists.

The island is 10 991 square kilometres, with mostly mountainous terrain, punctuated by narrow coastal plains. On the southern coastline there are small black sand beaches, while the western coast contains the finest beaches. Jamaica is also home to magnificent coral reefs, unspoilt forests, beautiful waterfalls and over 100 rivers.

Jamaica 's beaches
In all, there are over 50 public beaches in Jamaica, with some of the most beautiful located in Negril, Montego Bay, Port Antonio and Ocho Rios.

Negril Beach, also known as
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Jamaica 's rich history
Jamaica has a long colonial history dating from 1494, when the island – at the time home to the Arawak Indians – was colonised by Spain. The Island was then ruled by the Spaniards for 150 years, before British invasion in 1655. Jamaica was a British colony for 300 years, before being granted independence in 1962.

The influence of colonial rule is apparent not only in the language, culture and cuisine of the island, but alo in the country 's architecture. One of the best places to see colonial relics in Jamaica is the coastal town of Falmouth – once a commercial hub – which is home to the largest collection of Georgian-style architecture in Jamaica and is both a World Heritage Site and a Jamaican National Monument.

Kingston is also home to many historic sites, including colonial plantations with grand houses that are a testament to the lives of the hundreds of thousands of enslaved Africans brought to Jamaica in the late-18th century.

Jamaica highlights not to miss
Among the highlights of a trip to Jamaica are:

Bamboo Rafting in Port Antonio, which takes you on a scenic tour down the famous Rio Grande River.
A beach-day at renowned Doctor 's Cave Beach in Montego Bay. The beach 's crystal-clear water and white sand have made the beach a major tourist attraction for the
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Eating ice-cream at Devon House – a Victorian manor, and heritage site, in Kingston. The ice-cream parlour on site, Devon House Ice Cream, is widely considered the best ice-cream Jamaica has to offer.
Trying Blue Mountain Coffee, grown in Jamaica 's Blue Mountains. This is one of the most expensive and most sought-after coffee brands in the world.
A trip to The Bob Marley Mausoleum in Nine Mile. The marble mausoleum, housed in a traditional Ethopian church, contains artefacts pertaining to the Reggae legend 's life, including guitars,
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