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Jane Eyre

I read Jane Eyre when I was 18. I think that was my vacation project. When I was 21 years old, I had read a Jane Eyre again in English. Because I know the contents, To understand the content was not difficult. But I felt emotions were different before.
Jane, the main character of the book, loses her parents at young age and goes to live at her maternal uncle 's house. However, the Aunt (Mrs. Reeds), her daughters, and her son abuse her. They suspect Jane and starves her while she is locked in a room. Every time, Jane cries and grieves for her parents. Going to school, Jane also spend a miserable life. Jane gets mistreated by teachers and friends. But Jane met Helen teachers who gives only care about Jane.The time passes she grows up as a teacher and finally gets out of the institution.
Jane worked as a tutor at Mr. Rochester 's house. Jane was a carefree life in that place, falls in love with the owner of Rochester. Finally, both confirming the hearts of promise to marry each other. However, happiness was temporary. The wedding day, a man suddenly appeared and talk them the fact that He has put his wife to hide. the wedding is interrupted and Jane leave Rochester .She is grieving and wanders here and there. Then Jane also get chance to meet relatives heritage. One day Jane hears Rochester 's voice in a dream. Jane goes to find Rochester, but Rochester had been blind. But both were still in love with each other. So they decided never broke up
Jane Eyre who was the
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