Research Paper On Japanese Internment

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The Japanese Internment The Japanese were welcome in America once until the attack on Pearl Harbor which lead Japanese to concentration camps and were watched over by americans. Was it ok to for the Japanese to be treated this way. The internment of the Japanese was Justified because of military necessity, the attack on Pearl Harbor, and the US thinking there would be an invasion. The first reason why this is Justified is because of military necessity. “The security of the Pacific Coast continues to require the exclusion of Japanese from the area now prohibited to them and will so continue as long as that military necessity exists(Dewitt,1943).” So military necessity will help us become more secure and safe. The Japanese aren 't safe because…show more content…
Pearl Harbor was a devastating time for americans. The attack was located around the West coast, were the Japanese invaded the American territory. In this time we have to defend ourselves.”But when under conditions of modern warfare, our shores are threatened by hostile forces, the power to protect must be commensurate with the threatened danger....(Black,1944).” So in this time we used our defensive power when we are threatened by danger. So because of what they did to us we had to segregate the Japanese ancestry so we could be safe from a fear of an invasion. “The surprise attack at Pearl Harbor by the enemy crippled a major portion of the Pacific Fleet and exposed the West Coast to an attack which could not have been substantially impeded by defensive fleet operations(Dewitt,1943). In this time people were really shocked of the event that happened. It changed people 's perspective about Japanese ancestry, people thought less of their kind. The Japanese-American had to be sent to the camps because we didn 't know if they were spies from their country. This attack hurt us quite a bit, America did not see this event happening ever. Our Defensive Fleet was also very weak after the battle making it hard for us to stay in…show more content…
The fear of an invasion went in the minds of Americans. This was an idea that was thought by many military authorities. So they had a right to send the Japanese to the internment camps.”Military authorities feared an invasion of our West Coast and… because they decided that the military urgency of the situation demanded that all citizens of Japanese ancestry be segregated from the West Coast temporarily(Black,1944). “There is no Japanese ‘problem’ on the Coast. There will be no armed uprising of the Japanese(Munson,1941). People did not know for sure that their wasn 't going to be an invasion. So just to make us safe we had to send the Japanese to these camps. Japan can be dangerous people and we will not know what they will do. They are capable of a lot of things because they have the resources to do it. Our country does not know exactly what the Japanese could be up to. After all, the Japanese did attack us Americans on Pearl Harbor. So all we could do is move the Japanese to make sure that we would be safe from any harm that could
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